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Energy and Chakra Clearing

Energy healing is often a powerful spiritual path for the practitioner. As a Reiki Master and Angel Therapy Practitioner®, working as an energy healer is key in all the work I do. Energy Healing can be one of the most profound and life changing therapies one can experience in the field of alternative medicine and holistic health. It employs spiritual healing methods which expand the awareness of the energy healer and uses energy, color and light, and sometimes guided meditation healing techniques to catalyze healing in the client’s energy field (aura and chakra system) – helping clients break free from afflictions and limitations of the body, mind and spirit.

When a client has dis-ease in the body, the chakra system is often affected. The chakra system is your body’s electrical circuit. Energy flows and each chakra is a “battery” for different parts of the body and its related organs and the work they do in the physical body. By receiving energy work, the electrical system is “rebooted” like a computer. Breaking through blockages and allowing one’s electrical energy and spiritual energy to flow again and be recharged. The client often experiences reduced pain and feels re-energized, warm, and often peaceful after receiving just one session of energy work. Energy work never interferes with other forms of medical treatments and has been reported to provide enhanced quality of life for the client, and facilitate spiritual growth.




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