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My Journey

“First and foremost I am a child of GOD. To Him I answer and am called to serve....” Teri A. Guse

I have always been called to be a healer. As a child I wanted to be a doctor or veterinarian. I was fed by people, nature, and the world around me. I was deeply affected by images of nuclear bombing, the destruction of our rain forests and natural habitats for the profits and gains of corporate worlds and entities. I am moved to tears when I see the life of all types: animals, plants, children and people around the world who are without food and water, hurt, destroyed, or being killed by those who are thoughtless and see other life as less significant than themselves. I am and I have always wanted to help and heal anyone or anything hurting or in need.

I graduated from high school and attended college at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I entered into the College of Biological Sciences and began pursuing an education in pre-medicine and pre-veterinary medicine while feeding a lifelong passion of science, especially in the Biological Sciences. Anything living filled me with fascination and awe and I wanted to know more. I truly wanted to either be a heart surgeon or a brain surgeon, or I wanted to work as a veterinarian. After 4 years of attending school, working many hours in two part-time jobs, I was burned out and unsure of my direction in medicine and school. 

I took a sabbatical from school and moved in with my grandparents in Wabasha, MN and worked for six months with a local veterinarian. I was given the opportunity to assist him in both large and small animal care. We would go to the local farms providing service and care to cows, pigs, etc... during the morning. Then we returned to the office to do animal care for cats and dogs in the afternoon. I was fed by the healing and loved the ability to meet many wonderful people.

After six months it was time to go home and make some decisions. I met a wonderful man, and was also called to be a wife and mother. As in everything I do, I wanted to be hands on as a mother, and I wanted to have 4-5 children. So I took a leap of faith, temporarily left school, followed my heart, got married and had four children. My heart always knowing I would return to school some day when my children were older.

When my youngest daughter was 22 months old, she had an accident at my mother's home and she was electrocuted on Christmas day 1995. Little did I know how it would change not only her life forever, but my own. At the time, my father was a practicing Reiki healer and I was fascinated and interested in it. My daughter was rushed to Regions Hospital and was seen by doctors in the emergency room who sent us home only to return the following morning to the Burn Unit. My daughter had received 2nd and 3rd degree burns to her right hand, especially her pointer, middle, and ring fingers, and to her lower lip and tongue. In the Burn Unit, doctors advised my husband and I that they wanted to amputate all three fingers (pointer, middle, and ring finger) of her right hand. I was in dismay, but unwilling to accept that as the only answer. I asked, "How long before I have to make a decision?" The doctors were surprised and a little dumb-founded, "What do you mean?" I again asked, "How long before I have to make this decision?" I informed them my dad was a Reiki healer and I wanted him to have the opportunity to work on her before they did anything further. They did not know much about Reiki but they advised me they would be leaving for Viet Nam the following day for three weeks to do napalm reconstructive surgeries and if I could keep my daughter's fingers from becoming infected they would reassess them when they returned. I agreed.

My dad was living in Florida, at that time, so I arranged for him to be flown to our home the next day. When he arrived we called his Reiki Master, living in North Carolina, and her two adult children to perform a Reiki healing.  All three of them, along with my father performed a healing on my daughter, plus two subsequent healings the following two days, my dad in person and the others with long distance healing. I also continued to do hands on praying and was called to watch and listen to all that was said on behalf of my daughter. I knew miracles were happening and the Reiki was a huge part of it. 

Three weeks later, the doctors returned from Viet Nam and my daughter had her follow-up visit. They were amazed at her fingers and the progress and healing that had taken place in all burned tissue on her hands and mouth. They asked me to continue "doing whatever it was" I was doing and to come back in another three weeks. At the end of six weeks of healing, all the doctors needed to amputate was the tip of her middle finger, because the electricity had killed the bone and it could not be healed. The doctors were amazed by her recovery and I was moved to become a Reiki healer. 

From there I received my first two Reiki attunements from a Usui Reiki Master in North Carolina, and I subsequently received my final Master attunement in Wichita, KS with a very dear friend.

My healing work began in childhood taking every injured animal in at home or to the local veterinarian to try to help them be healed and saved. From there it was guided by my spirit guides, healing workers, angels, guardians angels, ascended masters, and my heavenly Father/Mother/God.

I am considered a Reiki Practioner and Master, a Certified Angel Card Reader*, an  Angel Therapy Practioner*,  I have taken Spring Forest Qigong classes, and I have been practicing and developing my intuitive, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and empathic abilities for the past seventeen years. I have given Reiki attunments to friends and family members. I am always offering Reiki services and healings to those who know me and are willing to be active participants in their own healing through the Reiki process and my other intuitive, empathic channels and sources I am guided by. I use crystals in my healing work, aromatherapy, guided meditation, and much, much more. I am always learning about "healing" work, no matter the source and incorporating it into my repertoire.

I did return to school and I attained my Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Minnesota, and I also attended Bethel University where I obtained my Masters Degree in Special Education Emotional/Behavioural Disabilities. I was teaching as a paraprofessional in special education for 5 1/2 years, and have been a licensed teacher for the past 5 years. 

After 10 1/2 years in the teaching profession, and a lifetime of other "work" and hobbies, my heart is drawn to speak of "healing" and to teach about healing incorporated with energy work, of all kinds. It is now my calling as a Lightworker to help those who have "dis-ease" and pain in their lives, full-time, and who are looking for love and guidance through working with me and my angels and guides, to hear and discern God's messages for your life either through Reiki healings, angel readings, or a combination of the two.



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